Monday, November 3, 2008

lap quilt series: no. 1

Dreaming in Russet, 2008, 60" x 42"

I have just finished no. 1 of 10 in a series of lap quilts. My intent is to try different piecing and color combinations, essentially to sketch with fabric.

This quilt has wedge-shaped blocks in long strips with machine quilting in-the-ditch along each seam line. The printed fabrics are global, from Maurine Noble’s stash and scraps.

In the spring I plan to have an Open House to sell the collection, with the proceeds going to a worthy cause. If you read this blog and would like an invitation to the event, just let me know.

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jerber40 said...

What an awesome quilt, I love the use of colors and the design is fantastic. Thank you for sharing, you have inspired me to get my quilt finished!!