Saturday, November 15, 2008

my quilting rules

Marbled Mania, in progress

I have only been quilting for 15 months but I have some rules I like to follow:

1. asymmetry I don't like making quilts with a repeated pattern, especially a symmetric one—as the eye only looks at one part of the design and then mentally finishes it.

2. express the fabric Instead of using published patterns, I like to have the fabric inspire the design of a quilt.

3. an unexpected element The addition of a non-matching fabric or an unusual detail adds delight to a quilt. Sometimes a fabric that would be considered “ugly” is the perfect touch.


Anonymous said...

HI Patricia
Thanks for all your blogging and keeping in touch. Tuesday I taught special ed (behavior disorders) and was exhausted that evening and did not dare drive anywhere - was tired for 3 days, must be getting old. Sorry to have missed all the fun and fabric. Your quilts and rules are wonderful, and I agree that assymetric rules! Love wild colors and never met a fabric I didn't love or couldn't adopt..Happy
Thanksgiving, you are one of my blessings.

Jennifer said...

Wow! From looking at your quilts, I wouldn't have guessed that you've been quilting for less than 2 years ... your quilts are amazing! I checked your "8 art chix" blog, too ... sounds like you all really have fun with your challenges.

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog ... I'm so glad you liked my "Dancing Trains" ... I learned so much with that quilt about using fabrics that don't "go together" and being free with the scissors instead of always using rotary cutter and ruler.