Friday, December 25, 2009

quilt for no. 1

A School For My Mermaid, 2009, 45" x 69"

For Christmas, Liz received an oversized lap quilt from me. The fish fabric is vintage, probably from Scandanavia. The modern polka dots are from Maurine Noble. Connecting the two is a wavy strip of hand-dyed fabric, made with three 70" pattern pieces—one for the red stripe and ones for either sides.

Hand stitching encircles each fish while the side border is machine stiched-in-the-ditch. Cozy navy flannel backs the quilt.

quilt for no. 2

Woodstock, 2009, 44" x 46"

All tie-dyed, the blue fabric is from Goodwill while the pieces on the back are from Maurine Noble. The fabulous French fabric used for the 1" binding is also from Maurine.

Wildly erratic, the quilting is free-motion machine stitching. The Bernina was set at 1/2 speed and then I floored the speed pedal for attaining the most control. Good thing I am a beginner, so I can forgive myself for the lack of perfection.

(Yardage in thrift stores is beside the
tablecloths and draperies. Sometimes batting can be found with mattress covers, near blankets.)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

master of mitered corners

For a woman who won’t make precision quilts, I have outdone myself making twenty napkins with mitered corners. That might not sound impressive but it means 160 roll-pressed edges, 80 mitered corners, and 80 stitched edges. I am thrilled to complete a project I started 12 months ago.

These napkins will ship to New Jersey to join up with a table topper I gave to Grace Lynch during a visit last August (see entry: April 23).