Friday, December 25, 2009

quilt for no. 2

Woodstock, 2009, 44" x 46"

All tie-dyed, the blue fabric is from Goodwill while the pieces on the back are from Maurine Noble. The fabulous French fabric used for the 1" binding is also from Maurine.

Wildly erratic, the quilting is free-motion machine stitching. The Bernina was set at 1/2 speed and then I floored the speed pedal for attaining the most control. Good thing I am a beginner, so I can forgive myself for the lack of perfection.

(Yardage in thrift stores is beside the
tablecloths and draperies. Sometimes batting can be found with mattress covers, near blankets.)


poor said...

The tie and dye looks very colorful nd nice...but what about when it gets dirty?Because washing s a problem isn't it?

patricia belyea said...

The fabrics in this quilt were fixed so they don't run. I double-checked by washing them all before using them.

Naomi Cox said...

Bursting with energy! Love it.