Friday, December 25, 2009

quilt for no. 1

A School For My Mermaid, 2009, 45" x 69"

For Christmas, Liz received an oversized lap quilt from me. The fish fabric is vintage, probably from Scandanavia. The modern polka dots are from Maurine Noble. Connecting the two is a wavy strip of hand-dyed fabric, made with three 70" pattern pieces—one for the red stripe and ones for either sides.

Hand stitching encircles each fish while the side border is machine stiched-in-the-ditch. Cozy navy flannel backs the quilt.


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful quilt. you truly are a master of your trade!

Naomi Cox said...

Lovely! What a perfect gift!

Chloe's mom said...

Gorgeous! Wonderful fit for Liz!