Thursday, April 23, 2009

chard, kale and mustard leaves

Vegetable Leaf Table Topper, 2009, 13" x 36"

This lap project has accompanied me on many excursions since the holidays. Last weekend I finished up the hand stitching on the Clipper, coming home from a weekend in Victoria with my parents.

All the piecing is scissor-cut. I like the organic look that comes from the non-precise shapes.

To finish this project, I need to hem 20 dinner-sized napkins that are in the turquoise- and wine-colored vegetable leaf fabrics. Then I will ship the runner and napkin set to Grace Lynch in New Jersey—the guardian angel of my daughter, Victoria, at CIA . Grace has a humongous collection of Portuguese cabbage leaf china that she uses at family gatherings.

The ceramic dachshund was made for me by my daughter Vik in a high school art class.

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patchworkmaniac said...

Hi Patricia

Thanks for stopping by my blog and making a comment.

Before I started my blog I decided if I was going to commit myself to a blog I had to be serious about it and would like to try and blog something every week day and perhaps week-ends too, if I had something to post. Suffice to say the blogs I like to read most have a new post every day or nearly every day and so I decided to post week-ends as well. With that thought came the realisation I needed interesting pictures as well so have forged forward on my Electric Quilt skills to accommodate this need. Late last year I borrowed an electric quilt book from my quilters guild in the city (I was going for root canal on a tooth at the endodontist, otherwise I never go into the city) and worked on some of my weaker skills to improve them. I have found I like to challenge myself as often as possible and that improves my skills a lot, be it with fabric or improving my EQ skills or whatever. I really love the challenge of being able to draw something out in EQ and as I have had it for some years now I am very proficient and love to look at pictures of complicated quilts and work on my skills by practicing drawing things out in EQ.

My original idea was to showcase my patchwork, not only my electric quilt skills but as you point out I usually choose complicated blocks and these take time to complete so EQ is a much faster option for me. I have a large workfile of quilts and I doodle constantly in it so usually have something I can put on the blog pretty quickly.

I did enjoy looking at your blog and will drop by from time to time for a check-up.

Happy stitching