Sunday, November 9, 2008

for hannah mae

Little Dutch Girl, 2008, 25" square

For Naomi Cox’s daughter Hannah Mae, I whipped up this doll quilt. The self-imposed exercise was to make a quilted piece with only two fabrics. The pieces were all cut with scissors—purposely a little uneven in shape.

I wanted to create a completely naive feel—with the simplicity of the fabrics and the messy quality of the piecing design. I even trimmed the outside edge with scissors so the quilt is not quite square.

The final touch is a 1" wide binding. The fabric for this was cut 6" wide, on the bias. What a lot of fabric it takes to make a wide binding!


Ruby's Daughter said...

Cute, cute cute! Any little doll would be happy to curl up under this quilt.

Naomi Cox said...

Hannah Mae loves her new little quilt and is having fun wrapping up her babies in it! Thank you!