Monday, October 27, 2008

ruby’s daughter

Our Piece Makers’ meeting this month was at Sarah Stine’s home. A stay-at-home mom, Sarah has an online fabric/pattern/accessory store in her basement for quilters. The bulk of her business is from eBay where her handle is Ruby’s Daughter.

After Story 1: Sarah has abandoned eBay and now sells her fabric and merchandise on Etsy under rubysdaughter.
After Story 2: Sarah opened a store in Magnolia named Fabric Crush.
After Story 3: Sarah secured space in the Wallingford Center and is moving her fabric store there in March 2010.


Ruby's Daughter said...

Okay, the next time I allow Patricia in my home I will remember to apply more make-up. Goodness, I look pale and tired. It was a fun, fun night! Hope to do it here again soon.

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