Sunday, December 21, 2008

quilting weather

Backyard, The Longest Night, 2008.

With two major snowstorms in four days and a third storm just beginning, Seattle is homebound. This is a great time to start a quilting project. Especially since I want a lap quilt to stitch during my upcoming one-week vacation.

I have pulled out some fabric to begin a runner for an East Coast friend, Grace Lynch. A key part of the piecing will be Martha Negley’s Vegetable Leaves fabric. I bought three yards of two color lines (with turquoise and cranberry backgrounds) to make 20 dinner napkins for Grace. Now with the scraps, I want to make an additional gift.

Grace has a remarkable collection of Majolican cabbage leaf china. She has upteen plates and bowls, and at least five big fat teapots with little rabbits peeking out from under the green leaves. The napkins and quilted table runner will hopefully be used when she hosts her big family gatherings.


Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

Greetings from Italy, good luck

Hello Marlow

Ruby's Daughter said...

Your backyard cottage looks so sweet covered in snow! Oh, and I think yesterday was our shortest day, not the longest.....although being house-bound it may have felt like a really long day.

Patricia Belyea said...

Sarah How right you are. It was a long day—it started early and I was out sledding down our hill in the stillness of the night at 11:30 pm. Weather-wise it was the longest night of the year. Correction coming immediately.