Monday, December 15, 2008

an expectant great grandmother

Cats for Liz’s Firstborn, 32 x 40 inches; Fish for Vik’s Firstborn, 33 x 41 inches

This past weekend I visited my mother and father in Victoria, BC. It was a fun weekend, made memorable by a blizzard that dropped five inches of snow in a city devoid of plows.

My mother, Jane, is a happy quilter. Her joy is making baby quilts with bright colors and novelty fabrics. Only one of her grandchildren has produced offspring, but that doesn’t stop Jane from believing there are many more to come.

She sent me home with a wonderful quilt for each of my daughters’ firstborns, even though my girls are just single college students right now.

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Ruby's Daughter said...

Todd's Grandmother made quilts for each of her grandchildren's first born. Although she passed before Kurt was born it was such a wonderful gift to have for him.