Monday, June 14, 2010

walleyed dachshund

At Spring Market I saw fun little stuffed chicks by Joel Dewberry and a cute puppy by Bari J. They made me want to try a 3D project.

This full-sized dachshund is made with an online pattern designed by Japanese dollmaker, Runo. Although Runo’s pattern didn’t include full instructions, her pictures made the pup straightforward to make.

Using cotton that I “dab dyed” in Goldendale last Fall, I produced a double dapple dachshund. I finished the doll with mismatched buttons. Once I find two dark buttons, I’ll perform eye surgery.


Anonymous said... sale.html
check out the purse I made with the same pattern

Bethany said...

LOL. He's adorable!

Liz said...

I love him!!!

Liz said...

P.S. You should take a picture of this dachshund with your real live doxie :)

Cornelia said...

I've never met a wiener dog I didn't like! But my cats would not enjoy having a live one in our house. I may just have to make one of these-and no puppy training required. Gotta love it.

Monica said...