Sunday, May 23, 2010

day 4—spring quilt market

Can fairy tales come true for grown-ups? My trip to Minneapolis was definitely a whirlwind of wonder.

Another remarkable group of folks I met is in the publishing industry. This framed photo of me was taken by my new friends at Martingale—a book publishing company. I also met an Editor-in Chief and an Editorial Director of two major media groups. And lots of authors. And bloggers.

We all have ideas and stories to share!


Heidi said...

lovely photo! seems like a fabulous event!

Your biggest fan said...

you look GREAT!

Becky said...

Hi Patricia- It was great meeting you at market. Can't wait to dig into the indigo's. I have several thoughts going. Making the decision is going to be the difficult part.

Monica said...

Sounds like such a rush! Way to go!