Saturday, March 27, 2010

pinning the mina quilt

I worked this afternoon to pin together the Mina quilt sandwich. First I taped the green backing fabric to the berber carpet. Then I taped down the Warm & Natural batting. Next I placed the pieced layer on top.

I pinned the three layers together using a Kwik Klip (pronounced: quick clip), a simple tool that kept my fingers from being torn apart by the small sharp pins. I pushed each pin through the layers and onto the end of the Kwik Klip. Then I pulled up on the Kwik Klip to close the pins.
I started pinning from the middle of the quilt design. As I plan to in-the-ditch stitch, I kept the pins a short distance from all seams.
This is the back of the sandwich with the pins showing through.


Anonymous said...

What a happy quilt! Did you use Japanese fabrics? And what's the inspiration for the name? - Heidi

Monica said...

That's a heck of a lot of pins! I'm impressed!

patricia belyea said...

This is for 12-year old Louise Cryan at Children's fighting AML. She is studying Japanese and just getting into anime. I bought the fabric in Tokyo in January. (Also she's a big-time Sounders fan, hence the bright green details and back.)