Monday, July 13, 2009

insect pin cushion

Insecta porcupina, 2009, 8.5" x 6"

This month’s Art Chix theme was “Insects As Weapons.” I was inspired by Shannon in my quilting group who made two pin cushions in the last month—an apple and a pear. I decided to make an insect pin cushion for the assignment.

Everything about making this mini-beast was new. I tried different leg designs and after three hours settled on little stuffed appendages. I made the antennae twice, finding the first set was too heavy.

Bamboo batting was my choice for filling. It was incredibly satisfying to stuff the fabric form. At that moment, the character sprang to life.

Art Chix enthusiastically embraced this little guy. To see the rest of our group’s projects visit:


DAH is David Anthony Hance said...

Wow. Who came up with the "insects as weapons" idea? And what's next?

I like your vicious little beast.


Naomi Cox said...

This is great!

Shannon said...

I love that little beastie - You'd better keep some pins handy for self defense!