Monday, June 15, 2009

lap quilt series: no. 6

Elusive Wisdom, 2009, 43" x 62"

Here is my hand-dyed fabric in action. Creating the mottled fabric, curved piecing, stenciled oil stick artwork and overly wavy edges were all new for me. There is a sense of risk in trying different techniques. No peril of course, but it is engaging and exciting.

The lap quilt debuted at this month’s Art Chix gathering. Presented for the theme, Dirty Laundry, the imperfectly dyed fabric reminds me of soiled and stained cloth.


DAH is David Anthony Hance said...

There could be peril in hand-dyed fabrics, I suppose, if the dyes were dangerous to the hands.

My new commitment is to add photo images to my posts. Just whatever I can shoot when I'm writing, I guess. A corner of my desk as a photo studio ...

Naomi Cox said...

Love all those greens and slanted edges!